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Walter Girl Cahtt resume by Falcor24 Walter Girl Cahtt resume :iconfalcor24:Falcor24 5 5 Decay by Falcor24 Decay :iconfalcor24:Falcor24 21 5 Dinner in Silver by Falcor24 Dinner in Silver :iconfalcor24:Falcor24 4 3
Heart of Stone, chpt. 4, From stone to statue
“Way to go Rabbit, you broke her.” Hatchworth teased Rabbit on their way to the repair room.
“Hey! All I did was ask for her name!” he retorted as he pulled a piece of grass out of his vent. “How was I supposed to know she would glitch out on me?”
“Well you could have read her instruction manual.”
“Hatchy you know robots don't come with instruction manuals!”
The Spine, who was carrying the powered down bot who fixed Rabbit, was lost in thought.
“Hey Spine who do you think she is?” Rabbit said snapping him out of his trance.
The Spine took a moment to respond to this. “Guys do you remember being told about an emotionless automaton?”
“Yeah, isn't that the bot Pappy made to be a medic?” Rabbit tried to recall.
“And she ran away, but a day after that, we all lost memory of her?” Hatchworth added.
“Y- y- y- you don't really think that's her do ya Spine?”
“Don't you r
:iconfalcor24:Falcor24 1 0
Heart of Stone, chpt. 3, Face full of grass
It had been five months since StoneHeart went to the zoo with The Lash. She had gone to every performance of Steam Powered Giraffe since, just to investigate the copper automaton's malfunction. Occasionally she brought The Lash along to cure her 'boredom' for another few days. However she had gathered no new knowledge, if anything she was back-tracking in her progress to figure out what was wrong with the copper bot. Finally StoneHeart decided to try a different tactic, and again ask if she could inspect the bot, but this time she would ask someone other than the titanium bot.
One day StoneHeart followed the band home after one of their performances in her light blue Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe. To keep suspicion away from her when they arrived at their, rather impressive mansion, she continued to drive down the road as if she wasn't intending to stop at the manor at all. After another hour of driving she turned back around and drove until she came upon the large estate again. She parked h
:iconfalcor24:Falcor24 0 0
Bread Goggles, a parody.
Attune your head to the baking bread
come with me I'll show you how to use a metal pan
when the batter's turning and the oven is burning
With cookbooks around you,
timers ticking all the time,
and you live for food you've never ate
because you can not eat
Chef Walter was burned
when he cooked at the Nile
burnt African breadephants turning hostile
so he built us wonderful automaton cooks
and a very big yeast powered giraffe with books
Now the feast is passed and over
We're left to cook and wonder
What is lunch, and what's dessert?
And why do living things need feeding?
How'd you like to try making
sour dough bread?
Or have a loaf so hot and dry it starts crusting?
With cookbooks around you,
timers ticking all the time,
and you live for scents you've never smelled
because you cannot smell.
And what is this leaking affecting my sink?
Does the water that is dripping mean the seal is too weak?
Will I ever be something with hunger to feed?
or am I just a robot with nothing to knead?
:iconfalcor24:Falcor24 8 6
SPG carousal, TBC by Falcor24 SPG carousal, TBC :iconfalcor24:Falcor24 2 2
Heart of Stone, chpt. 2, A very persistent rock.
The Spine walked out from the back from the stage. He was heading over to the giraffe exhibit to try to feed one of them yet again. As soon as he turned around from closing the door he was ambushed by an expressionless gold painted automaton with a broken right eye, dragging with her another automaton that seemed really antsy.
“I request information.” The gold automaton informed him.
“Come on, I want to go see what type of oil the giraffes run on!” The other one complained but the gold bot continued to stare up at him.
“How can I help you?” The Spine asked, realizing he wouldn't be able to brush them off.
“It is about the copper automaton's malfunction during your show.” The gold one told him.
The Spine took a moment to think of what she could be talking about, Rabbit did malfunction a lot.
“Oh you mean during the second chorus of Honeybee?” he asked.
“I don't understand what chorus means, but honey bee was a repeated ly
:iconfalcor24:Falcor24 1 0
Stone T. Heart, full face by Falcor24 Stone T. Heart, full face :iconfalcor24:Falcor24 0 0 Stone T. Heart, clothes concept art. by Falcor24 Stone T. Heart, clothes concept art. :iconfalcor24:Falcor24 0 0
Heart of Stone, chpt. one, Daytime at Nighttime
-Please read description before reading for better experience-
StoneHeart and The Lash walked through the zoo gates to find it bustling with people of all ages. A few of them here and there carried with them merchandise for the very troupe they were there to see. The Lash looked around everywhere in excitement, neither of them had ever been to a zoo before.
StoneHeart pulled out the map they had been given at the ticket office to try to find where the three automatons would be performing. They both stood there a good ten minutes before some one noticed them.
“Need any help?” a man asked the two of them.
The Lash and StoneHeart both looked up at the man, he wore a name tag that said Robert, here to help.
“Oh woah! Nice makeup! It looks so realistic!” Robert said mistaking their metal faces for face paint. “You must be some major Steam Powered Giraffe fans!”
“Well actually-” The Lash began to correct him but was cut off by StoneHeart
:iconfalcor24:Falcor24 1 0
Heart of Stone, an SPG fan-fic, Prelude
"Bored." The Lash complained to StoneHeart who was refilling Sparky's bowl with coal pellets. "Bored bored bored bored bored bored BORED!"
It had been three weeks since any of them had anything to repair, build, or upgrade. This usually resulted in The Lash repeatedly moaning over having nothing to do. Something StoneHeart had failed to link to any form of logic.
“Sparky and I are going out on an adventure to the park where we will repeatedly discard and retrieve his wrench together.” The Lash suddenly decided.
“Lash you have been prohibited from going out with Sparky alone due to him setting an entire playground on fire last time we took him to the park.” StoneHeart reminded The Lash in her usual monotonic tone.
“How was that my fault?” The Lash said watching Sparky gobble down his coal.
“You told him to fetch his wrench and threw it directly at the playground. It hit a kid in the back, then when Sparky tried to pick it up with his tail, it se
:iconfalcor24:Falcor24 0 1
Out Of Date by Falcor24 Out Of Date :iconfalcor24:Falcor24 3 15 Out of Date, colorless by Falcor24 Out of Date, colorless :iconfalcor24:Falcor24 2 3
StoneHeart's time-line
January 1897: StoneHeart is powered on for the war on the night of the first day of war. sometime during the war StoneHeart has a scary malfunction. After the war ended it was found to be necessary for her to be permanently decommissioned due to the extent of the malfunctions she was having. StoneHeart ran away in order to continue doing what she was programmed to do. Soon after the other bots forgot StoneHeart ever existed, but know one could figure out why.
1900: StoneHeart begins working for a human's car repair shop. The business sky rockets.
1905: StoneHeart leaves the business once she starts getting marketed as their spokes person.
1910: StoneHeart buys, and sets up shop in a barn to start her own business of fixing anything mechanical.
1960: StoneHeart's barn collapses on top of her, damaging her memory files in the process.
1970: StoneHeart is found by a human, who manages to scribble down some of her inner workings, and is powered back on. StoneHeart escapes her captor. This
:iconfalcor24:Falcor24 0 0
My art
Alone I sit, with their games and my playing,
The codes and the fun.
Alone I sit, with their music and my listening,
The beats and the dance.
Alone I sit, with their books and my reading,
The words and the story.
Alone I sit, with their shows and my watching,
The pictures and the plot.
Alone I sit but lonely I am not, with my inspiration,
My rhythms and my moves.
My typing and my drawing.
My thoughts and my art.
My art.
:iconfalcor24:Falcor24 4 7



Okay. So I got into a band called steam powered giraffe a few weeks ago. Since then I have been completely obsessed and consider myself to know almost everything about it, and am part of the "fanmily". So I decided to make myself a fanbot. I have finished my fanbot and plan on posting her tomorrow. Eventually I hope to get my hands on some Mehron makeup/paint and dress up as my character. Also I have a few random things from art class coming.


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